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Residential & House Cleaning

  • Tenancy Cleaning (Landlords or Tenants)
  • Executive Apartment Cleaning
  • Regular Domestic Cleaning
  • One off ‘Spring Cleans
  • Builders Cleans

Tenancy Cleaning (Landlords or Tenants)

Whether you are a tenant leaving a property or a Landlord who wants their property cleaned before the new tenants arrive, we are here to help. We know how stressful moving so to put your mind to rest and let one of our experienced cleaning crews come and assist.

Executive Apartment Cleaning
We know you need a quick turn-around with reliable cleaners, we have a large level of services we can provide and will work with you to meet all your cleaning needs.

Regular Domestic Cleaning

We know your busy, work, kids, pets, sports and hobbies, there are much more precious things to spend your time on rather than house cleaning, but it’s still nice to come home to a clean house. Let us clean your house on a regular basis, we can clean as often as you require (twice a week, once a week, once a fortnight, once a month).

One off ‘Spring Cleans

Has the house cleaning got a bit ‘on top’ of you over the last couple of months, do you need a hand? We can do one off ‘spring cleans’ to get your house back to a manageable level or ready for a special occasion.

Builders Cleans 

So you’ve just built a house, whether it is completely filled with builders dust or whether it just needs a final shine before you move in, give us a call.